Price List

Bath only

(to include bath, dry, brush, de-shed if needed, nails clipped)

Small dog

from £15

(e.g Chihuahua)

Medium dog

from £20

(e.g Basset hound)

Large dog

from £25

(e.g Labrador)

Full grööming

(to include bath, dry, coat styled, brush, nails clipped)

Small dog

from £30

(e.g Westie)

Medium dog

from £35

(e.g Cockapoo)

Large dog

from £40

(e.g Labra doodle)

Puppy Intrö

(to include bath, dry, brush, nails clipped, face trimmed)

Up to 6 months

from £15

Price is dependant on the condition of the coat.
If de-matting is required an extra charge will apply
and be discussed at the time.
Special requirements please call to discuss.

Fully qualified

Check out the services and
treatments offered